Do You Have What It Takes To Work From Home

Working from home may sound like the ideal job. You are your own boss and you only have to answer to yourself. Do you have what it takes? Let’s find out.


You’ll have to be determined to succeed at working from home. You’ll have to set your hours and put in the time regardless of how nice the day is or how much you want to stop and play with the kids or watch that movie.


You’ll have to be dedicated to make it work. You will be the only one in charge of putting in your time and doing the work. You may or may not have a boss to answer to but if you don’t do the work you won’t get paid.

Family Cooperation

Your family will have to work with you not against you. This means that if they come in the room and decide to watch the television you’ll have to rule here and tell them to “Keep it down” or “no, I’m working right now” and they are going to have to understand this.

Set A Schedule

We all know what a schedule is, if you’re working from home it’s even more important to have a schedule. You’ll need to set your hours, schedule your breaks including your lunch, and stick to them.

Boundaries With Friends and Family

Many people who work from home have this issue. Friends or family know you work from home so they drop in whenever because they know you’re home. Some people solve this issue by simply putting a not on the door stating their working hours and to please call first. If you don’t answer the phone invite them to leave a message and tell them you’ll call back after you’re off work. At first, many will test this. Be firm and strong. Simply leave the door locked and the blinds down on the door. Use caller ID to know whether or not to answer the phone. Eventually, everyone will get the hint.

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Get Out Get Moving

Working from home it’s easy to forget to get out and get moving. Exercise is still an important part of your life. Did you previously walk with co workers at lunch? Start a new walking group at lunch then. Did you walk before or after work? Get walking. Whatever your old schedule was for exercise, you’ll want to make sure and incorporate it into your new schedule. It’s easy to forget and get out of the habit but it’s so important for your health.

Office Space

Whether you use a corner in the living room, the spare bedroom or have a dedicated office space, you’ll need to have an area for work. Teach family that this area is off limits. Picture invisible walls around it and tell them, this is where mommy is working. When I’m here, please wait until I’m on break. In time, they will respect it.

Working from home takes determination, guts, scheduling and effort, but it can be a real great thing when done right.

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