Gardening Supplies For Kids

When you get your kids out in the garden you’re going to need a few supplies to get them going. It’s great if you can let them help you pick out the gardening supplies. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

Sun Hat

Everyone should wear a sun hat and sun screen. Prevent skin cancer and teach children to protect themselves early on. Boys love baseball caps and girls can wear a big floppy hat.

Gardening Gloves

Let’s face it, they rarely last more than one season. Take the kids with you and get everybody a new pair of gardening gloves. Let each child pick out their own so that their won’t be fighting later on when someone takes someone else’s gloves.

Water Can

From the time your child is 2 or 3 years old they will want their own gardening can. Start with a small one and as they get older get them a larger one. Teach them to water plants tenderly and lovingly and the plants will return a smile to them with flowers or vegetables as they mature.

Pint Sized Tools

Get your kids a set of pint sized gardening tools. It will save someone’s head from getting whacked with the long handle of the rake or shovel.

Hand Tools

Don’t forget an extra set of hand tools. Children love to help and once they see yours, they’re going to want their own. Save yourself the hassle of having to go find your hand trowel and get them their own set.

Kneeling Pad

A kneeling pad or an old cushion work great for saving little knees (and big people knees as well). Once your child sees you using one, they’re going to want their own. Save the squabbles and get them a pillow or cushion or something so that you don’t have to give yours up.

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Garden Shoes

Most of us have shoes that we only wear in the garden. Why? Because if you save them for only the garden you won’t get mud all over the house or yard. Each child should have a pair of shoes specifically for the garden. This may be a pair of old rubber rain boots, old crocs, old rubber shoes that are easy to wash etc. It doesn’t matter how ratty they are as long as they are easy to rinse off and easy to slip on and off little feet.

Basket or Bucket

Lastly, you should have a basket or bucket for kids to store their gardening equipment in. Make sure that there’s plenty of room for their gloves, hat, trowel, cushion, shoes etc. Each child could decorate their own bucket or basket or simply write their name on them with indelible marker. The more you involve the kids in this decorating, the more likely they are to enjoy it. Besides, you do want to keep them occupied for the summer don’t you?

Children learn gardening skills from parents so teach your children early to enjoy gardening by making it a big deal, even if you do get everything at the second hand store.

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