Hair Loss Treatment Vs. Hear Loss Medication

One of a young males greatest fears is that of premature hair loss. However, in today’s society, we see more and more females fighting the difficulty of hair loss, especially amongst those in their mid-twenties and early thirties. This is due to the rising appearance of cancer, particular breast cancer. It has become a rising concern and those who are subjected to chemotherapy (and certain medications) will face the disconcerting side-effect of hair loss.

Although most choose to continue wearing their silk scarves and proudly admit to being survivors or ‘beating the illness’, others look to other medical treatments as salvation from their balding heads. The two primary options to regain hair are: hair loss medication or hair loss treatment.

As a broad definition, hair loss medication refers to the intervention of hair loss using pharmaceuticals. By using creams, ointments and other individualised mixtures doctors are able to reduce, halt or reverse the hair loss. Treatment refers to replacing the lost hair with substitute hair from various other parts of the head.

The procedure involved to replace hair via treatment is a rather complicated one, but when explained clearly it seems relatively simple. A doctor will remove unique complete hair follicles from the donor area and implant them to the bald receptor area. Once planted, the hair follicle itself will fall out, but it will leave the root behind allowing for re-growth as new hair. Well-known advocates for this procedure are international cricketers Shane Warne and Jacques Kallis.

The hair loss treatment procedure is prescribed primarily for individuals with moderate to severe hair loss. If the individual is presenting with light to mild hair loss, it is recommended he/she participate in a course of hair loss medication. The medication option is also available to individuals who have not yet shown noticeable hair loss but wish to prevent any potential follicle failure.

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There are three categories in hair loss medication which can be accessed. The first two are man-made – more or less – and the final one is more organic. Both man-made options contain certain compounds which inhibit the production of the DHT testosterone hormone, a hormone which causes baldness. By inhibiting the DHT hormone, the production of DHT is slowed down and re-growth of hair has been noted.

The third form of hair loss medication is a much less ‘artificial’ option and does not observe any reduction of compounds via application of creams or ointments. In fact, this procedure involves a simple alteration to one’s diet as research has indicated hair loss can be caused by poor diet as well as medical complications. By incorporating certain minerals and vitamins into a daily meal plan, one can increase the strength of hair and maintain natural health.

At the end of the day, the choice of whether one opts for a more surgical hair loss treatment or a more natural hair loss medication routine is based purely on preference. Doing research and reading reviews will assist in the decision, but the decision does lie with you.

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