How To Start A Hydroponic System For Gardening

I am a self-confessed nerd and I am always interested in unique things. After discovering that I had type 2 diabetes, I changed the way I eat. I changed my diet from a cookie, bread, cheese and meat diet to one that was mostly based on veggies and lean cuts of meat.

The more I got into living a healthy lifestyle, the more I became interested in growing my own food. I also read plenty of fear articles about pesticides and GMOs. I have had many family members have cancer, so I wanted to do whatever it took nutritionally to prevent myself from being added to that list.

So why hydroponic gardening? This is a question I often get. I chose hydroponic gardening because plants grow faster with hydroponics, it’s neater, it has less cleanup, and plants grow faster under hydroponics.

Being the research nerd that I am, I spent 3 months learning about hydroponics. One of the easiest hydroponic methods is called the Kratky method, and that is what I will teach to you.

The Kratky method is the best method for new hydroponic gardeners because it only requires a container, pond liner and a top that can float on top of the water. Other cheap parts like net cups that the plants will grow in cost pennies.

This method of hydroponics requires that you build or buy a shallow container. The container will be filled with water and plant food. With this method you will never need to feed or water your plants because they will feed and water themselves from the water in the container.

You will need to purchase and shape a sheet of styrofoam so that it will neatly and snugly fit inside your container. Take this sheet and cut holes for your plants where the net pots will be suspended. Use hydroton rocks to fill your cup and use rockwool to plant your seeds in the hydroton rocks.

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What must you do next? Nothing! If your plants receive enough light they will grow to maturity within 30 to 45 days. With this method you will be able to harvest vegetables every month. This method is best for growing salad greens and other forms of leafy vegetables. It really is a set and for get method that anyone can create in their own back yard, deck or patio.

As you can see, hydroponic gardening is easy. With the Kratky method anyone can use hydroponics to feed themselves or their family. It is great because it doesn’t require electricity or air pumps like other hydroponic methods do. You can do on vacation and not have to worry about your plants being feed or watered.

I have left town for 3 weeks and have returned to plants that are ready to be harvest. This the same experience of most Kratky method users. Follow the instructions provided and you will see how easy it is to grow you own food with little effort.

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