Navigating the Marketplace for Yachts

Anytime you make a major purchase, there is a process to go through to make sure you work through the marketplace intelligently. Large ticket items simply take more savvy to shop for than buying a loaf of bread or a magazine. And a yacht falls into that category. You want to be sure that this investment in a good yacht is the result of some careful considerations and you know what you are doing.

The first step of getting just the right yacht is to take that image in your head and change it into a very real specification for what kind of yacht you want. The size of yacht and the primary means of propulsion are both anchor considerations because whether you get a yacht to sail or one that operates by motor propulsion will make a huge difference in the kind of yachting you do. Size does matter because even if cost is not a consideration, storage and comfort are. You know how many will be enjoying the yacht with you routinely and you want there to be plenty of room on the yacht so you can have that sense of luxury that is what yacht ownership is all about. Also if you are going to have a crew travel with you each time you go out, you have to provide space for them to live and work on board.

The size of yacht will also have an impact on the overhead of managing it when it isn’t out to sea. You will need to dock that yacht in a dock both between uses during the winter. Be sure you know what dock you are going to use and take a tour. Their ability to accommodate very large yachts may be limited. Also if you hope to move the yacht from one body of water to another, the size of the yacht will make that operation more difficult if you hope to put it on a trailer to take it from the Lake to the sea from time to time.

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As with buying a car, there is going to be differences both in reliability and quality and in design between the major yacht manufacturers. You don?t just go out and buy “a car”. You go out to get a Lexus or a BMW because make matters. By spending time in the yachting world including boat shows, reading yachting magazines and browsing yachting websites, you can begin to form an opinion what make of yacht suits your vision of the perfect yacht. While you are developing your checklist for a good yacht, make sure you get a copy of the warranty for the yachts that have made your short list to make sure the maker stands behind their product.

Working with a yacht broker is one of the best ways to navigate the marketplace for yachts because they know the ropes of buying new or used yachts and he or she can help you “kick the tires” and find the exact right fit for your yacht. Once your search has identified a yacht that genuinely gets you excited, don?t be afraid to ask to take it out for a spin. Whether you are going to handle the yacht yourself or have it sailed by a professional skipper, you should get it on the water and put it through the typical maneuvers it must do so you can go on an outing and return safely. Don’t just trust that the yacht owner or dealership can demo the yacht for you. Have your pilot go with you so he can determine if there is anything to be concerned about in how she handles on the open sea.

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If you are going to have the yacht customized, that will become part of the shopping process. References are invaluable when dealing with dealers or brokers because people who have bought before can tell you if the seller is able to take care of your needs or if there are things to look out for. But by getting oriented both to the features and attributes of yachts before you even start shopping and getting an awareness of warrantees and specifications of yachts, you will be able to check things out thoroughly during the shopping process and make a smart purchase of a yacht that can deliver on the dream of luxury boating for a long time to come.


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