Pest Resistance, Individuality, Lower Price And More Make Heirloom Veggies The Best Choice

Many modern plant producing corporations want to claim that their hybrid and/or genetically modified varieties of plants are more resistant to pests because of their scientific tinkering. It may surprise you to know that heirloom plants that have been naturally adapting to the environment and various challenges for decades or centuries are usually far more pest resistant than these artificial wonders. This is not the only reason heirloom plants excel. Read on for some more great information about heirloom fruits and veggies – the smart choice!

One of the problems with hybrid and genetically modified types of plants is that they lack adaptability. While a particular type of improved plant may have been developed for a specific area, it is unlikely to do well in another area. This problem has been seen time and again with genetically modified seed created in the United States and then transported to India. Crop failure of genetically modified seed is a tremendous and devastating problem there.

While heirloom plants might face challenges in their first generation in an environment other that the one in which the plant originated, skilled gardeners have the option of selecting seed from the best adapted plant specimens and saving it from one generation to the next. In this way, gardeners can make use of these open pollination heirloom seeds to create plants perfectly suited to their surroundings.

When you look at a field of hybrid or genetically modified plants, you will see a sea of sameness. They all look alike, and that is just the way their creators like it. Just as with people and animals, diversity is strength in plants. When you plant with heirloom seeds, you will see variety in rate of ripening and a number of other features. This can work for you in that you will be able to have several small harvests instead of one big one, and if something goes wrong with one plant, it won?t necessarily go wrong with all of them.

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In terms of initial cost, hybrid seeds are usually a lot more expensive than heirloom seeds. The fact that you have to buy them again and again, just adds to your cost. If you are a fairly skilled gardener and remember to save your best seed from your best plants, you will have no seed expense after your first year.

Of course, it can take a while to create the perfect plant for your garden and your environment using the method of selective seed saving; however, there is another way. You can get to know other heirloom gardeners and do some seed swapping. You can also browse through heirloom seed catalogs and online websites and join heirloom gardening forums to learn the very best places to obtain exactly the heirloom seed you want.

Heirloom seed gardening makes for a very interesting hobby and some fascinating dinner conversation, too. When you plant heirloom seeds, you may attract the interest of older neighbors, friends and relatives who recognize the unusual varieties from days gone by. Additionally, heirloom seeds frequently come with interesting tales of how they traveled to this country and how they were developed by individuals to their current state of perfection. This is far more interesting than reading a scientific manifest about the development of a hybrid or genetically modified offering.

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