Stop Hair Loss Now By Using Natural Hair Loss Shampoos

There are many physical aspects of life which we must face – middle age spread, wrinkles, fading eye sight. It is a natural process of aging and, unfortunately, there is very little we can do about it. Yes, exercise and the correct diet can assist in delaying, reversing or preventing particular features, but ultimately these timely factors will occur. Hair loss is a feature which men fear, and it is common among most. Yet, over the years, remedies have been discovered.

Hair loss or alopecia is the degeneration of hair roots and follicles on one’s scalp. It has been attributed to genetics, aging and psychological factors such as chronic stress. There are also instances where hair loss can be caused by side-effects of medical treatments, such as chemotherapy. However, doctors have found that certain surgical procedures have or rather are assisting in ‘curing’ hair loss.

The surgical procedure is known as a ‘follicle follicular relocation’. Basically, an individual will have hair transplanted from a different area on his scalp to the area where hair is no longer growing. The surgeon will extract the grown hair, root and follicle, and implant it into the bald patch. If the operation is successful, the external hair will fall out and leave the root underneath the skin. Soon a new hair will grow causing regrowth in the affected area. This treatment can take between 3-5 months for full regrowth.

However, many individuals are wary of this procedure and would rather opt for more ‘natural’ treatments. There are numerous alternatives available including a plethora of creams, ointments and oils which may be applied to the affected area. One method, which has proved extremely popular, is that of the hair loss shampoo.

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If one were to research hair loss shampoos online you would find a number of different brands. However, not all of them are effective. In fact, many of them contain certain chemicals which will damage the scalp. Often these harmful shampoos contain the compound ‘sodium laurl sulphate’, a compound very similar to bleach, which only leads to toxicity of the skin and minimisation of hair follicles. Instead, one must look for shampoos which cleanse the scalp and clear the pores. It is recommended you search for those that inhibit the levels of DHT – an amino acid which encourages hair loss.

One of the most well-known and reputable shampoos is the RegenePure NT Nourishing Treatment Hair Loss Shampoo. It is one of the more organic options available containing emu oil and palmetto, which bocks DHT. Furthermore, one will find the ingredient niacin within this shampoo. Niacin is a compound which encourages blood circulation in the scalp, which promotes hair regrowth.

In conclusion, while many individuals will have to face the detrimental facts of hair loss or hair thinning at some point in their lives, it is possible to at least reduce the severity of this dilemma without the extreme option of surgery. You may have been destined for severe hair loss, but with a beneficial shampoo you may only experience mild.

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