The Great Joys I Have Found While Gardening

Gardening? What’s so interesting about gardening? That’s a good question! I have found great joy, peace, and satisfaction in working in my garden and I am thrilled to share my experiences with you.

When I was young, I was forced to work in the garden with my parents. I admit that it was not fun or exciting at the time. It was simply another chore that I had to do. While I was obedient and did my share of pulling weeds, I didn’t find anything likable about the situation at all.

After I entered adulthood, my mindset on gardening changed completely. After caring for some houseplants successfully, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at growing fresh tomatoes. I bought my first tomato plant and carefully planted it in a container and sat it on my patio. Wow! The beautiful ripe tomatoes that I grew that summer were spectacular and so delicious.

I found the whole experience to be extremely rewarding. All of the bad memories of pulling weeds when I was a child where simply wiped away while watching my little tomato plant grow that summer. First, it grew in height and then, as if by magic, small little yellow flowers appeared and a sweet aroma filled the air on my patio. Every evening I would sit outside on my patio enjoying the wonderful smell from the growing tomato plant.

Shortly after the blooms appeared, they began to whither. In their place were teeny, tiny, little tomatoes! They were so small it was hard to imagine that they would actually grow into full-size tomatoes. Again, I would sit on the patio in the evenings and admire the little tomatoes as they grew larger and larger right before my eyes.

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I had discovered that I actually loved gardening! I can’t tell you how exciting and satisfying it was to know that I was caring for a plant that was going to produce mouthwatering tomatoes for me. It wasn’t just the simple act of gardening that appealed to me. It was also knowing that the food that I was growing was not being over sprayed with dangerous pesticides.

I knew that the fruits of my gardening efforts would not only be delicious, but would also be very safe for me and my family. There are so many chemicals in use in modern farming today that it’s really hard to tell exactly what has been sprayed on your food as it was growing, or placed into the earth at the time of planting. I knew that I didn’t have to worry about diseases either on the little tomatoes that I grew on my patio.

That was my first summer gardening. The tomatoes that I grew tasted so much better than the ones that I used to purchase at the grocery store. The great discovery of my passion for gardening was evident for all to see. After that first summer, my garden grew in size and variety.

As I stated in the beginning, gardening has brought me great joy in the simple act of caring for the plants and watching them produce delicious food. Try your hand at gardening – you may discover that you love it!

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