The Side Benefits Of Blogging

Blogs are very popular today. If you didn’t know that already, find out that there are almost 67 million blogs on only. The reasons why people blog may vary from the desire to make an additional income to finding a spouse.

Making money is one of the most sought-after benefits of blogging. There are several so-called gurus of making money online who run programs and team contests in which participants start blogs and compete in ranking them in Google and making as much money as they can. Making money with a blog is definitely possible, but not everybody will succeed and there’s no guarantee that a blog which makes good money today will continue to do so until the end on days. So if you think about building yourself a network of blogs to secure your retirement, you’re on quick sands here. Enjoy all the money you can earn, but don’t base your future on that.

The other cool benefit of running a blog is the community that will form around it with time. If your topics are interesting, sooner or later people who share the same interests will find you blog. Some of them will become regular readers. Others will be happy to interact with you and keep the conversation alive. This is the beauty of blogging: on one hand, we have the opinion of the author, and on the other hand readers can have their say. If everybody is decent and arguments make sense, cool debates may arise, for the delight of the entire community.

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Getting more dates thanks to the blog is also possible. If you are single and you share that on your blog, there might be people who like your personality and your way of thinking and they might want to go out on a date with you. There are families that have been started thanks to blogging, so everything is possible.

Blogging can land you a better job. You never know who reads you blog. If you are very knowledgeable on certain topics, employers who are in search of specialists in that field might make you an offer. Even if this doesn’t happen, you can use your blog to promote yourself. You can include it in your resume and in your social media profiles. When you apply for jobs, employers look for you online. Give them what they want. Build yourself strong profiles on all main social networks, craft yourself an appealing “About me” page and connect your blog with all other profiles you have online.

If nothing mentioned above interests you, maybe you should know that keeping a diary is recommended by psychologists to anybody who travels periods of depression, be it severe or mild. Putting your thoughts in order helps you clear you mind. It helps you understand better what happens around you and inside you head. Making your diary public helps you overcome your issues and strengthen your psychic.

Since it is so good for you, there’s no wonder so many people blog.

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