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This Learning-Spanish Grammar lesson covers the Future Indicative Tense for regular verbs. Similar to English, the Future Indicative Tense in Spanish is used:

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The Future Indicative Tense

This Learning-Spanish Grammar lesson covers the Future Indicative Tense for regular verbs. Similar to English, the Future Indicative Tense in Spanish is used:

1. To express a future action or condition.

Juan no hablar? durante la misa.

(Juan will not speak during the mass.)

2. To express something that is probable and phrased in a question.

?Qu? ser? lo que te preocupas?

(What is bothering/preoccupying you?)

The conjugation pattern is standard. Unlike other tenses, the future tense in Spanish is simple, as its ending is the same in -ar, -er, and -ir verbs. Its conjugation is as follows:

Hablar (to have)

yo hablar? (I will speak) nosotros hablaremos (we will speak)

t? hablar?s (you will speak) ellos hablar?n (they will speak)

?l hablar? (he will speak) ellas hablar?n (they will speak)

ella hablar? (she will speak) ustedes hablar?n (they will speak)

usted hablar? (you will speak)


Ellos hablar?n mucho del amor.

(They will speak a lot about love.)

Durante la cena, hablar? con mis tias de como cocinar bacalao.

(During dinner, I will talk to my aunts about how to cook salted codfish.)

Beber (to drink)

yo beber? (I will drink) nosotros beberemos (we will drink)

t? beber?s (you will drink) ellos beber?n (they will drink)

?l beber? (he will drink) ellas beber?n (they will drink)

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ella beber? (she will drink) ustedes beber?n (they will drink)

usted beber? (you will drink)


Durante la fiesta Marcos beber? mucho ron.

(During the party, Marcos will probably drink a lot of rum.

Los beb?s beber?n mucha leche.

(The babies will drink a lot of milk.)

Escribir (to write)

yo escribir? (I will write) nosotros escribiremos (we will write)

t? escribir?s (you will write) ellos escribir?n (they will write)

?l escribir? (he will write) ellas escribir?n (they will write)

ella escribir? (she will write) ustedes escribir?n (they will write)

usted escribir? (you will write)


Escribir? una gran novela.

(I will write a great novel.)

En la universidad escribiremos muchos ensayos.

(In the university we will write many essays.)

**Notice how the above conjugations follow the same pattern: ?, ?s, ?, emos, and ?n.

With this conjugation pattern in mind, here are a few more examples of the future tense for regular verbs:

?Qu? ser? lo que me quiere decir Luis?

(What is it that Luis wants to tell me?)

Mis amigas y yo viajaremos al Per? este verano.

(My friends and I will travel to Peru this summer.)

Regresaremos del Per? en Agosto.

(We will return from Peru in August.)

S? que nuestro viaje a Machu Pichu nos fascinar?.

(I know that our trip to Machu Pichu will fascinate us.)

La madre de Josefa ir? con nosotros.

(Josefa’s mother will go with us.)

?Cu?ndo ser? que me escribir?n mis padres de sus vacaciones?

(When will my parents write to me about their vacation?

Despu?s de su viaje, las mujeres volver?n a Nueva York.

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(After their trip, the women will return to New York.)

Now let?s try a few exercises. Translate the following into Spanish. The answers follow the exercise.

1. This summer I will travel to Europe.

2. Juana’s family will go to Santiago in April.

3. This course will teach us Spanish.

4. Roberto will be sad to leave his country.

5. Someday, you will be a good doctor.

6. Next week, we will have an exam.

7. Enrique’s parents will buy a big cake for his birthday.

8. What is it that worries you?

9. What can this mean?

10. Where will you live next year?

1. Este verano viajar? a Europa.

2. La familia de Juana ir? a Santiago en Abril.

3. Este curso nos ense?ar? el Espa?ol.

4. Roberto estar? triste al salir de su pa?s.

5. Alg?n d?a, t? ser?s un buen doctor.

6. La pr?xima semana, tendremos un examen.

7. Los padres de Enrique comprar?n una torta grande para su cumplea?os.

8. ?Qu? ser? lo que te preocupas?

9. ?Qu? ser? lo que significa esto?

10. ?D?nde vivir?s el pr?ximo a?o?

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