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The internet articles writer can find thousands of tips and endless advice, much of it is good and some is worth its weight in gold. Sometimes writers get too complicated and try to produce articles that reflect all the great advice they have learned in one shining article to beat all articles, sort of the ?mother of all articles.? Sometimes the best advice is to simplify, or start with a less complicated premise for your articles. If you have found yourself getting bogged down trying to polish here is some advice.

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First, go back to basics. The whole idea of article writing is to communicate. You have found good information, news, drama, or opinion on a timely subject and feel you have something to say about it. Perhaps you have no more to say about it than any one else but your way of elucidation may help people to see something a little better or something they may have missed. This is good stuff but then comes the business of writing it.

I have found myself getting too long winded in some of my articles. When I found out that the best article length in general is between 450 to 650 words I started to modify my writing to fit that criteria. I still get cramped up sometimes wanting to write more but knowing I?ve said enough. In time I found a way to keep things both simple and readable without sparing important content.

It is so simple I am almost embarrassed to say it. But if a thing works it should be made known. If you were to pick up a pen and write a letter to a friend what form would it take?

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Would it have a summary, seven points and a huge wrap up? No it wouldn?t. What it would have is three major divisions, an introduction, two or three points and a conclusion. This may not be the best form for every article you write but it is an excellent place to start if you?re new to article writing. It is also a good place to fall back to when you have gotten far too complicated and bogged down in form and polish.

I am not suggesting that you cease to get all the advice you possibly can to improve your writing skills. I have a few sites I refer to constantly to learn new things. One of my favorites is ?Pointeronline.? Every once in a while I have to re-simplify to make sense of something I?m trying to say, try it yourself. Remember, introduction, two or three points and a conclusion.

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