Title: The article about nothing

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This article is about nothing, random ideas, useless things

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Hmmm, no ideas? So what? Ever thought of writing about?.nothing? You know this is actually common nowadays. I don?t know how you feel but I am overwhelmed about the abundance of information that can be found everywhere.

Everyone is writing about everything. The same subjects are written and rewritten and rewritten and I look and them and wonder how the hell is this supposed to help the modern man become more efficient? The truth is that we are in a hurry, our whole lives are spent running from place to place, trying to keep up with the others around us. We sleep less trying to make more time for ourselves, but we end up wasting that time on useless things.

How about TV ? How useless is that? I really think that you are in the danger of becoming dumber if you spend too much time in front of it. There are people that spend half of the day, that becomes half of their life in front of the TV. You know what the worst part is ? Most shows on TV are for complete morons ? instead of watching someone live a stupid life on TV maybe you should go outside and live your own life?maybe you?ll start liking it.

Internet?.oh this is a big one. At first I thought wow, what a useful thing, and don?t get me wrong, if you know what you?re looking for and how to find it, you?ll probably find it on the internet. The sad thing is, that besides information, it is full to the teeth with crap. People selling made-up information, spammers, people trying to scam other people. How in gods name is it possible to search for something and the first 10 or so results you find are scams? Let me tell you why?because these guys know SEO, they will do anything to be listed first in search engines to make more money. Instead, the good old sites that offer information and recreation aren?t well placed in search engines because they don?t do SEO, they just rely on offering good content .

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This is not good, I?m at paragraph 5 and I still have nothing to write about?this is turning out to be just another useless piece of article, made just to confuse the common man. Another article in the immensity of useless articles that just take up space and help no one. Hope you didn?t reach this point and I?m really sorry for wasting your time in this manner, you know the other day I read something I found really enlightening. It said something like this : ?If you stay and do nothing, you don?t kill time, you commit suicide?.

At least let me give you an advice I hope you?ll take, because it?s for your own good. Stop wasting time and do something with your life. Never say I?ll do this tomorrow, if you have time, do it now, and live to the maximum !

Have a nice life !

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