Title: The Guide to Successful Personal Statement Essay

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Describes essential steps in the writing and composing of two most popular types of the essays- Process essay and personal statement essay.

personal statement essay

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Holding a college application in your hands you might think about what the requirements are going to be. Usually a written assignment is specified and in the most cases it happens to be a personal statement essay. There are several types of personal statement essay, such as general comprehensive essay, that is usually written n a free topic and is required in applications of law and medical schools and personal application statement essay that has to be completed. You may be given a question that has to be transformed in a thesis statement or a thesis statement that has to be developed from the point of view of a specific field you feel yourself involved in. your academic achievements should not be a centre of your essay, try to provide the committee with some information about your hobbies and your success in extra curriculum activities. Committee members are usually interested in the profit they get accepting this or that student.

You may meet questions that seem similar in different types of application. But this doesn?t necessarily mean that you are to create a template and sent it to all the Universities you want to apply to. Every answer should be different and while giving it, think about what the committee members expect you to answer in this question. You have to show that you are a unique individual that has never lived before and will never again exist. Your style should be different from the generally accepted unless it is required. You have to impress by intelligence, ingenuity and literacy. However there are different types of essays that require different approaches; for instance personal statement essay should be creative and bright when process essay should be a bright example of logics, scientific approach and reserved thoughts.

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The process essay is meant to reveal the methods and details of a specific process. In the process of writing you should concentrate on a specific process or the subject that includes several processing stages (you can describe a softball game or to give detailed directions on how to fix the engine of a motorbike. Your essay should be based on the actuality of the process and its importance, the methodic of the process completion and steps or stages of completion. You have to keep in mind that your intended reader is a professional that is acknowledged in the subject you?ve chosen and this factor should influence your essay style. It may also happen that the reader is quite unfamiliar with all the details you present in your essay and therefore you make the general idea very clear. Your style should be close to scientific description of the matter and give an impression of a person with the vast knowledge of the subject. Use specific constructions and complex sentences to sound more intelligent and acknowledged. Idea generation may not be easy and may take some time. You may hesitate but a good idea would be to turn for help to relatives or good friends that may help. Proofreading is a final stage of your application completion. Make sure that you go over your essay a couple of times before sending it. After all you have done you may be 100% sure of your success.

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