Title: Universal Advice for Successful Passing of Exam

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In this article I aim at pointing out the benefits of the exam and showing efficient ways of preparing for it. The success of your exam does not depend only on the knowledge you possess in the subject, but on his individual features: thinking peculiarities, ability to concentrate under stress and etc. To cope with your task and attain best results in the subject, you should be aware of your peculiarities and this advice will help you to make it out.


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Exams are an essential part of life of any student, but still there are discussions over their necessity. Exams cause strain, various complications and make students feel nervous and worn out. But exams on the other hand are a good school of life. Nothing can be more helpful in the future than a recollection of your behaviour under pressure. The situation reminds about a typical exam. Exams stimulate students to study and though they do not keep this information in their heads for long, the impression will remain and be useful in the future. This article is to show all the possible ways to improve and implement to the process.

The exam is not a simple test of your knowledge; it is a test of you nerves, your self-confidence, your manners and your honesty. Passing an exam you have a possibility to create a sensation among committee members and get respect of classmates. This experience may lead you to successful future. Exams are much more difficult than any of the written assignments. During the exam you have to improvise, be prepared for additional questions. As you have already understood exams are not only about knowledge, but also about temper, willingness, manners and other skills that help you in communication. Use your imagination not to draw pictures of failure in your head, but to come up with something to favorably impress the committee. Calmness is your first armor. Calmly look at what you have in front of you. Study it carefully and should you have any questions, address the committee members. Work form the easiest to the most complicated. If you like to generalize and build your answer on facts, try to broaden the horizon of your answer by adding some details. Preparing for the exam, build your scheming strategy, dividing information onto sections and then making separate parts of the section so the information you are about to present is graphically represented. I good idea is to establish a plan for each of the answers and follow it in order to save time. If your biggest fear is to be mistaken, you might want to focus on each task and check it right after completion. Do not cross and double-cross the answers, your doubts are caused by pressure, develop confidence in what you say. You might also take a talisman with you to calm you down: some piece of spiritual significance to you. Be proud with what you have accomplished so far and do not let anybody make you feel uncertain. Never trust cheating or your neighbor, for such assistance you might get into big trouble. Better focus on your future plans and your intentions. If it is difficult for you to process large amounts of information, it is better to divide it into smaller pieces and learn systematically every day.

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If you feel that you are well-prepared, you will fall in the sound sleep with no problems. Even if you omitted some of the details, there is no need to be stressed out, you might be lucky enough not to have to answer these questions. Behave naturally with no acting and insincerity. If you feel like you are getting lost in your own answer, this is quite time to gather thoughts together by looking away at the other point of focus and spend a second concentrating. There is no urgency in any of the exams, speed is not a virtue, but quality is. You have a fixed time for completing all the tasks and there is no need to turn the paper in beforehand. Make sure that you have answered everything and no editing is required. Proofread everything and only then you may consider your work to be finished. There is always a possibility of failure. No need to think that you are going to be a victim of it. If you are ready and confident, nothing is going to happen and success is guaranteed.

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