Title: Why Should You Depend on Other People?

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We depend on other people?s estimation. When we are assessed positively, we are on the top of the world: we become big, beautiful and intelligent. We accept ourselves because we form our self estimation from others? opinions. When they scold us, disapprove of our actions, say that we are bad, scream at us – we are frightened and internally our ?ego? is shaken. We appear not to meet someone else?s expectations. But you are not born to be liked by everyone.

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Humans are so dependant on other people?s opinions. Having been assessed positively we feel powerful, successful, intelligent and beautiful. We judge ourselves according to others? comments on our actions. When being criticized or laughed at, we feel bad, depressed and nothing seems to make us happy anymore. This happens only because our ways are not accepted in the society. ?Ego? cries for positivism, but none appears for you base your facts on the opinions of others. The truth is that you will never be in favor of everyone surrounding you. There will always be a group of people that will not positively assess everything you do. One thing that will help against criticism is self-confidence that one should grow within him/herself.

A student may be a perfect example. Since childhood people are likely to overestimate own possibilities and paint the picture of the future in pink colours. When working out a plan for future, we do not consider the majority of possible failures that might occur on the way to success. Perfectionism is a bad feature that is worth getting rid of. Nevertheless it is present in the back corner of a young student?s ?ego?. Can you imagine a devastative consequence of a failure? The tutor praises the skills and intelligence. He feels like he is on top of the world and can do anything. You get used to good things easily. When the genius is recognized you start to think of yourself only as of a genius. And after everything goes smooth and bright there is a point when someone, even your beloved tutor, comes to criticize you and your work. Instead of an expected ?A? you get an ?F?. The perfect world falls apart because this error doesn?t fit into your plan. At this point you build a characteristic of your actions from the way your tutors, colleagues give you. This is the main error in your system of values and priorities. You tend to overlook the world from the point of view of other people. What one should do is to build up his or her own system of values and of course taking into consideration some of social priorities. But every final decision you take should be based on your decision. A failure should only stimulate to move forward and to overcome.

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Interference of the society is unavoidable. But it doesn?t necessarily mean that you have to close yourself in a world full of illusions. Hardships make a person more experienced, wiser, stronger. The more you hide and close into depression, the more time you loose to improve the situation. The reality is harsh but it is impossible to live beyond it.

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