What You Need To Know About Container Gardening In A Small Space

Very often, people start out with container gardening with very good intentions but don?t really have the know how to make a go of it. It can be quite common for a hopeful container gardener to do very well with one kind of plant and not well at all with another. What do you need to know and do to be successful at container gardening? In this article, we?ll share some great ideas for successful and productive gardening in your little corner of the world.

You may be surprised to know that there are lots of easy-to-grow plants out there. You can grow a wide variety of veggies in containers. The key is knowing what kind of soil to begin with and what kind of placement will work best. Veggies are like people. They have their preferences.

The best way to determine where to put your containers is to simply consult the information on the backs of your seed packets. They will tell you how much sun each type of veggie needs. Additionally, you will learn what kind of soil you need and how often to water. What could be easier than that?

You may want to set up several mini-container gardens around your home to accommodate all the different types of fresh veggies you want to plant. For example, you could keep all your herbs in a nice rack in a sunny kitchen window. Just line the rack with peat moss, add the right kind of soil and plant your seeds or seedlings. For minimum mess, it?s best to put this kind of arrangement above your kitchen sink for easy, tidy watering.

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Put larger containers out on your patio or balcony. Patio tomatoes are perfect for this. Be sure to choose the type that is intended for container gardening. These shorter, bushier tomato plants don?t need to be staked to stand up straight, and they are stellar producers.

Make the most of your tomato containers by adding radishes at the base of your tomato plants. They are fast and easy to grow, and they help keep bugs away. For a pretty touch, add some marigolds for more natural bug repelling.

Bell peppers are another pretty and tasty choice for outdoor container gardening. Choose red, yellow, green or all three for an attractive display and a tasty addition for salads, soups and other dishes.

Be sure you get the right kind of soil for your container gardening project. Avoid heavy soil. You can get a good commercial mix and add vermiculite, perlite or peat to lighten the soil and provide good drainage. In this way, you can avoid root rot.

You can also compost your own soil mix from kitchen scraps by establishing a compost bin or small compost heap if you happen to have the room. Invest in a batch of garden worms to help you compost your kitchen waste super-fast to make rich potting soil. You will still need to add vermiculite, perlite or peat to lighten the mix.

It?s smart to use large, high quality planting containers outdoors so that you can easily return to them and amend the soil year after year, just like in a standard garden. When you place your containers, don?t worry too much if you can?t provide full sun all day. This is really too much for container gardening. Six hours of good sun is really plenty for most types of veggies.

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Container gardening is really quite simple and lots of fun even in an apartment or home with a small yard. You can amend your family diet and enjoy a relaxing hobby with simple and easy use of a few inexpensive resources. Follow the tips presented here for fun with container gardening in a small space.

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