What You Should Know About Aquaponic Gardening

Are you growing tired of having a traditional garden? Are you interested in increasing the amount of food that you can produce? If you?ve answered yes, you may want to consider aquaponic gardening. In short, aquaponic gardening is a type of gardening that involves using fish waste as a fertilizer for plants. You?ll be raising fish while growing plants; therefore, you?ll be producing more food for you and your family.

An aquaponic system is created with a fish tank and a grow bed. Your fish tank will be where you store the fish that you?re raising, and the grow bed will be where your vegetables, fruits, or herbs will grow. The waste that your fish produce will be funneled to a basin that is beneath your grow bed. The roots from your plants will be in this basin collecting the nutrients from the waste water. As your plants take in the nutrients, the water will become clean and can go back into your fish tank. This type of system is great because you can save money on fertilizer and water, produce organic plants, and raise fish that you can use as food for your family.

If you?re beginning an aquaponic system, you?ll need to decide which plants you?d like to grow. You can grow flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Many plants adapt well to an aquaponic system, so you?ll have plenty of choices. The best performing plants in an aquaponic system are vegetables that are leafy and green, such as lettuce or cabbage. Many other veggies do well, but those do the best. You should also try to steer clear of vegetables that are root based, such as potatoes. Since the grow bed does not have soil, these plants typically grow misshapen and can be difficult to harvest. If you?re willing to take a chance, you could still try to grow these types of plants.

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After you?ve decided on the plants that you?d like to grow, you?ll need to decide on the fish that you want in your system. If you have no intentions of eating the fish that you?re raising, a great option is to go with gold fish. Gold fish will provide a lot of waste so they make a great choice for this type of system. If you?d like to eat the fish that you?re raising, there are many different types of fish that do well with an aquaponic system. Tilapia is a really popular fish to use because they taste great and they adapt well to the changes in the water as it goes through your system. You?ll need to check with your local laws to ensure that you?re allowed to raise the type of fish that you choose.

Once you?ve got your system up and running, you?ll soon see that you have a great supply of fresh fish, fruit, vegetables, and herbs. Since there are no chemicals used, your food will be completely organic and will taste great. An aquaponic system makes for a great garden, so get out there and start one.

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