A Holiday on the 7 Seas

The problem with a lot of holiday trips is that resorts or theme parks are so predictable. While we all go that route at first when the kids are little, it doesn?t take long even for the kids to see that these manufactured adventures are just that, pretend adventures and that it’s far more exciting to get out there and have a real adventure and come home from holiday or vacation with a memory that will last a lifetime.

This is why yachting has become such a popular approach to enjoying some time off with the family and having an exotic vacation where the variety of things to do is virtually endless. The yachting industry has come a long way to make the experience available to the wealthy and to people who are not looking for the most luxurious vacation ever as well. Because you can pick the level of service you want or need, you can opt to have an entire crew on board of your yacht catering to your every need or scale down the size of your service personnel to just a captain or even to skipper the yacht yourself with a bareboat tour that is as close to “us against the world” as you are likely to get.

The great thing about yachting in one of the exciting vacation spots around the world is you have a lot of freedom to move about easily. Virtually while you nap, your captain can take you from a remote forest just off shore to gaze through binoculars at exotic beasts in their natural setting to a remote beach you would pay big money to enjoy in a luxury resort. There is no experience as breath taking as sitting with your sweetheart and seeing the sun go down over the horizon at sea with no land in sight north, south, east or west. This is the kind of change of pace that can take you out of the humdrum of life and really make you reflect on your life and on the world. And that is always a healthy outcome of any get away.

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The choice of destinations for a yachting holiday are vast and diverse because anywhere you might go to vacation in a land bound resort offers charter yachts so you can take in the entire experience from the deck of a boat that is yours to captain. Feel free to stand with your hands on your hips and leg up like a pirate king or to stand on the point and shout “I’m the king of the world” to the open seas. It’s your yacht to get out there and enjoy it.

The biggest problem you might have when planning your yachting vacation is picking what area of the world to enjoy in this very unique way. Whether your yachting takes you to Greece, Turkey, the south of France, Bulgaria or the gulf coast of America, each location offers exotic cultures to explore, new food sensations to savor each night and shorelines that will all compete for you to crown them “best beaches in the world”. Then next year the competition will be even more intense for where to go or where to go back to.

Of course one option to try at least once is simply to “disappear at sea”. While you would not literally vanish, with a yacht at your disposal, you can get away from humanity to where it is just you and the sea and stay there for a day or a week if it suits you. The gentle movement of the saves will create an entirely new balance in you and sooth you like nothing on hard ground can do. It might seem like you would get bored but if you have ample provisions, simple acts like fishing, taking a swim in the deep with the creatures of the sea or just watching the birds dive for their suppers can be wonderfully entertaining and give you hours of time to reflect and recuperate from a busy life at home.

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That kind of relaxation may be only possible with a complete retreat environment such as a yacht can provide. And once you enjoy the deep refreshing that being at sea with complete isolation, complete freedom but also the luxury your yacht affords, you will get hooked and be planning a new yacht holiday next year and for many years to come.


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