Does Blogging Really Work

I know so many people that want to start blogs to make a living online. I often come off as negative and tell them that there are better ways to making money online but they refuse to listen. They always point out some famous blogger and this is when I break down that bloggers marketing strategy and they claim that they can do the first thing. These are people would have a hard time writing a 3 page paper let alone a blog. I suppose my message is that blogging isn’t the only way to make money online.

Yet people try to do it everyday, these people normally don’t understand SEO or even content. They don’t realize that they need to write about things that will attract people. I have one cousin who thought she could make money just writing about the President. I immediate questioned her and asked how she expected to monetize this blog and she had nothing to say. I guess hope dream change can magically make money appear?

If you are going to write a blog, first know how you are going to make money, know what theme of your blog is going to be. Is it going to be a dating blog a health blog or what not. Know what type of money making tools you can use. Are you going to use CPA offers, clickbank or adwords? You have to have some idea how your blog is going to pay you. You also need to do research on your niche to see how many people search for your niche on a daily basis. It takes more than deciding that you are going to write for a living. Although, there are those luckbox cases where some one becomes a success without even trying.

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How are you going to create content? Do you have the time to write constant content? Outsourcing your writing is always a good idea and this way you can always have fresh content on your side. It is what many of the larger bloggers do.

Do you know how to build rapport from your writing? What is your story and why will people care what you have to say. You need a narrative that people can relate to. They need to trust you and your story, Without this rapport building you will never have loyal fans who will check your site everyday.

As you can see, blogging is harder than people think it is. It takes a lot of skills and knowledge that the average person doesn’t possess. All of these can be learned and the learning curve isn’t that steep. You just have to be willing to learn and willing to put in the necessary work. There are way more people with the desire to create a popular blog than there are people who have the talent and more importantly the drive to make it happen. I hope you all have the drive and discipline to make blogging work for you.

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