Gardening Makes Your Heart Sing

While gardening for some means absolute joy, others either don?t like it or think they can?t do it well and wish they had the extra money to pay for a gardener! Some of us are just content to plant a few summer flowers each year so our yard looks colorful and inviting.

In today?s media world no-one needs to be bad at gardening. There are so many really good gardening books you can buy (or borrow from your local library), there are gardening magazines and tons and tons of websites with a gardening theme. If you are looking for help, for example, where to plant those kitchen herbs, you just need to do a Google search and you will find more than enough helpful hints.

Also gardening is not a year round effort. During the winter months, the garden is at rest and so are you. Springtime is the time everything wakes up, the birds are back and your lawn starts to become that lovely green you remember from last summer. This is the ideal time to start planning your garden and to think about planting those summer flowers and deciding on which ones and where to put them is always exciting.

It is also a joy to prepare the ground for spring planting and to get rid of those old leaves you didn?t pick up in the fall. You can help your garden come to live and make sure the earth has enough nutrients to support all those beautiful flowers you will be planting. Weeding of course, needs to be done as soon as the growing process kicks in and you can plan on weeding throughout the summer and into the fall. Weeding also gives you the opportunity to be with your plants and to enjoy their beautiful perfume and bask in their different shapes and colors.

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Gardening is also basic alone time for you and your plants. It is a great time when you are out in the fresh air and enjoying the sunshine while doing something very worthwhile. Gardening is an almost meditative process. Of course the more effort you put into your garden, the more you will enjoy it. Also your friends and family will be able to get the most out of it in lazy summer days of garden barbeques and evening drinks.

Even if you do not have a garden, you can enjoy its benefits. Some simple flower pots on your balcony will do wonders and if you don?t have a balcony, you can always choose to brighten up your outside space with window boxes filled with beautiful blooms. Window boxes need to be watered regularly, especially if they face the south side as the sun will dry out the earth in record time. You can also plant herbs in window boxes and flower pots. This way you can enjoy fresh herbs in your summer salads or in pasta sauces, etc.

Gardening is a wonderful way to connect with nature and to be outdoors in the fresh air whilst you are busy attending to your garden.

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