How To Change Background Image On Squarespace Template

Go to the “custom css” section. To get the background color on the section we want, here's the steps:

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First, i built this plugin to be seamlessly integrated with the squarespace editor.

How to change background image on squarespace template. Just create a rectangle with one plain color, then save it as an image to your desktop. Set the focal point of the image for use in other areas of your site that might display a cropped view of […] Get your unique domain today.

First you’ll need to create your image. How to change the background color for sections of squarespace pages. Scroll down to manage custom files, click through then click add images or fonts.

Find the image you want to use for your background then select open. Something like this should work: 50 squarespace tips + tutorials gold mine

If you don’t have a specific color hex code already, you can generate one here! 6 website navigation best practice do's & don'ts. You get there from the “pages” section by clicking “home”, then “design” then “custom css.”.

Set the focus of the image: I am having this same issue except i don't know how to get the grey where the background image is to either go away or be black when people first land on my site. Reduce the file size manually and using a tool.

At the bottom of the “custom css” section, click on “manage custom files” and then click on “add images or fonts.”. For general help, see the momentum template guide general. In this post, i will share some custom code to change background image for each page in squarespace 7.0 & 7.1.

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Create a photo of the color you'd like as your background (i created mine in illustrator, though canva also works perfectly for this. 7 best squarespace workarounds on the web. Type two quotation marks back in () then place your cursor in between the two marks.

There will always be a teensy bit of cropping due to squarespace’s responsive design, so it can take uploading and cropping a banner image a few times, and viewing it in both desktop and mobile to get it just right. That is how you would change your banner image height in the rally template, and for many of the other templates within the brine family. If, for whatever reason, you prefer not to use code, there is another way to change the background color of a page in an index section on squarespace.

You can change the color hex code (#f7eee9) to whatever you want! Click on advanced in the sidebar and paste in the following code: Add code to page settings > advanced > header;

Change the squarespace index page background color without using code. Change the background and layout. Use spacer blocks to adjust the banner height (brine templates)

To review, you want to: Get your unique domain today. Add in a background image, a background video,.

Click the filter icon, then use the thumbnails in the sidebar to add color filters your image. The image is under 1mb and the width is 2500px, which is the max suggested width by squarespace, so image size shouldn't be the issue. After it uploads, click the thumbnail image.

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The way this works is that you build out each slide as a normal section within a squarespace page (or index page in 7.0). This time, instead of using css code, we’re going to use a banner image. After you’ve added your perfect image to an image box on your website design page in squarespace 6, you will have three options for editing the image:

But still making sure to keep it under 500kb in size!

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