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The probability of getting rich in six months is low, and the risk is high. Look for red flags like massive portions of the float being assigned to the founders of the coin, vague definition of who would use the coin, anonymous teams, promises of large payouts.etc

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Let’s analyze 10 of the top crypto forums that’ll help provide insights into the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Most useful cryptocurrency reddit. Want to learn more about the hive? is a decentralized autonomous organization. Remember how folks said social media would kill google bc the most useful search would be on facebook/twitter/reddit(heh)/etc?…

Investing in cryptocurrency is a bit of a gamble. We went through our *gestures to room* many crypto communities and identified some of the most helpful ones for new crypto enthusiasts, so you don’t have to (a thread). This makes it literally nearly impossible, impenetrable to counterfeit.

You can earn cryptocurrencies for free as well! Cardano becomes number 3 crypto after 13% rise banning cryptos in india is like banning the internet ? The most helpful crypto community on planet earth!

This list is based on the most upvoted posts which provide useful information, particularly for beginners. Cryptocurrency, blockchain, algorand, bitcoin & ethereum cardano vs. Why it accounts for a substantial part of the crypto market cap and why its the #1 outstanding issue in crypto markets today.

Maybe that will take off. This new token, known as the moon, was distributed to previous participants of the r/cryptocurrency subreddit every 4. You should fully understand how this crypto functions and how its trying to create value.

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Below i have curated links from the best crypto posts seen on r/cryptocurrency. The probability of getting rich in six years is high, and the risk is low (ish). Submitted 7 minutes ago by ekrona12.

Reddit crypto traders rush for riches before the pros invade. Nano is interesting because of no gas and near instant transactions. (you're not seeing the 50 that fell out of the top 100.)

Id say ethereum is the most useful because it is the backbone for alot of other tokens and nft's. Cryptocurrencies are using strong ledger which is securing online transactions. As mentioned, moon is the official cryptocurrency of the r/cryptocurrency subreddit.

Request network is a promising project and can be an interesting investment. I’ve been running this bot continuously for almost 2 weeks now, and last week i shared a performance report , with an overall 4.1% profit during the first week. Looking down the top 100, it may seem like you can just buy anything to 10x your investment, but this is a bull year, and that's survivorship bias in the coin rankings.

So i built a cryptocurrency trading algorithm that analyses reddit posts sentiment and places trades on coins that are talked about in a positive manner on reddit. If there is no use case or if the use case does not require or benefit from a blockchain, move on. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be used to buy services or goods.

Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, generated the most activity: Today it is worth $106.57. Because of this type of structure, bees doesn’t belong to a single group or organization (and that's good news).

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Here are the 10 best cryptocurrency forums that make the shortlist: This sub has produced some incredible content over the years and not everyone can be here every second to read it all. Polygon may prove itself one of the most useful altcoins.

And no one can precisely predict where the price of coin will go. The title is half joking, half truth. I recently saw this new token called flashtoken that allows you to get upfront rewards for staking.

If not, then here is the short simple answer: And monero is interesting because it is private. Matthew tweed is worlds apart from wall street traders.

Basically, anyone who contributes to the subreddit in any meaningful way is eligible to earn moon, providing the token a sort of inherent value. The most intuitive subreddit to start this experiment with was r/cryptocurrency and therefore the first reddit community token was launched for this subreddit as r/cryptocurrency moons. On average, there were 3,600 comments posted each day for bitcoin, compared with 500 for ethereum and 380 for monero.

It can be used as a store of value. In the ocean of altcoins, polygon (ccc:

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