Title: Benefit We Gain from Problem Solving

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Can you boast of spending a day with no problems at all? I doubt you can. It is impossible. We face problems every day, every hour, I dare say every quarter an hour. Surely these problems differ. We are used to solving some without identifying the problem itself. These can be defined as some minor or micro problems. The other category of the problems is likely to break the common life routine and unbalance the most even- tempered person. They imply real problem, indeed.

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The real fact on this Earth is that no human being has ever lived without problems a single day. This is impossible. People deal wit problems every day and problems do not fade away by themselves, they stay until the person resolves them. When a person gets strong enough to overcome stress and get to the core of things, then the amount of problems lessens. Some of the problems may be solved without the actual identification of the problem. But there exist problems that drive a person to a state of emotional exhaustion. These problems need careful attention and analyses from the object.

Once a person has defined the problem, he/she starts thinking about possible solutions, freeways across or hiding places that will help to improve the situation. One of the techniques advises to divide a sheet of paper into two columns that should depict the true state of things. The main goal is to find the major errors and this will lead the person to the statement that there are no hopeless situations. Every problem turns out to have weak points and sometimes people find their situations more positive than negative after all. This method makes a person feel a step closer to self ? acknowledgement. This method gives you a possibility to realize that there are inseparable parts of your ?ego? and it reflects your needs and ambitions. Or you may do this in an expanded way that will take more time to accomplish a set goal. You have to take two separate sheets of paper and fill them in with advantages and disadvantages of the situation the person got into. There should be no omissions, no exaggerations, just plain truth. This helps the person to sort out the matter, find out the cause, get into the core and delete the rout, which makes the consequences fade away. People that have been using this method confirm that there is nothing more helpful. Now they are able to see that the situation that seemed hopeless is so indeed profitable after all. This is however not an easy task to analyze and what is more, to criticise oneself. A person has to be strong willed and very focused to resolve the problem this way. Let us not forget about the goal of such an experiment and that is to find a true style or way of behaviour that will fit best in any situation. Think over some of the variants and choose 2-3 that refer to you most. Remember these methods should not in any case be confusion to you. Otherwise you will look too artificial and to insincere.

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You may take all of them and practice at once. But what if every one of them will appear to be failing and again you are in a great state of disappointment. The main goal here is to treat the situation with humor and not let the pile of emotions break out as if it is a storm. Find the type of behavior that is very closely related to your character, but what is better, bring your own traits up and cherish for you are a personality who has never been before and will never again exist.

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