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Stress Free weddings contribute towards the brides beauty. A happy bride makes the groom happy, therefore the meaning behind the Happy Couple

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Finally the big day is upon you so let us make it the most memorable day of your life. Your wedding plans has taken up a lot of your time over the months, now let’s go knock them dead with all your efforts. Memories of the perfect occasion need to last for ever? This can be done by capturing every joyous moment of this fabulous day with great wedding photographs. Choosing a good wedding photographer service for your wedding is the way to make it happen.

Give the Photographer plenty of notice in advance with intimate details on your wedding theme if there is one, this will give him some insight on what camera equipment/lens etc is needed for the wedding photo shoot. Careful planning and timing of the ceremony/reception is vital information for the photographer to have under his hat so he/she can capture the special moments of both sections of the day. (Can not be in two places at once) By having a short interval between the end of the service and beginning of the reception will allow time for more snapshots of the bride/groom and wedding guests. A more relaxed environment among the entourage with no time limit on being here or there will produce good photos.

An important issue to be considered when choosing a wedding photographer is that the photographer can produce before your very eyes a complete set of wedding photos that he may have taken at past weddings. This will prove that the photographer is genuine. Do not accept a display of only selected prints of their best snaps from different weddings. The norm is to check out at least 3/4 complete wedding sets of photos. A dedicated professional wedding photographer shows great pride in his work and therefore would conduct his/her way of doing business with you by presenting you with masterpieces.

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Cover every corner before making a final decision on the photographer of your choice; scrutinize every little detail as in i.e. do they give an unlimited coverage package for the whole day.

Always be weary of photography companies that contract out work to people who portray they are wedding photographers. You also have to be dubious of salespersons with the gift of the gab who often pose as photographers themselves just to get the custom. To save any heartache deal with photographers who personally shoots weddings for a living this will give you peace of mind, the reason being is the photographer would be grateful for any referrals you may have thus giving you the best photographs of your wedding.
Finding a versatile photographer is a good option as he will have had experience on traditional weddings along with photojournalistic style. Before booking the photographer ask questions if you are uncertain to what may or may not come with the package. Also have other questions answered like are the photos coloured or black and white/does he charge extra on top for B/W?

Mention your interest in hand and digital colouring and if they are included in the package, be sure to ask about any surplus charges that may incur. Quality pictures develop when the photograph colours are unconnected thus improving them when printed. If you are not familiar with photography such as what type of camera is to be used at the wedding, does it have a leaf shutter or focal plane then take some one with you like a family member or friend with a little knowledge on photography. Ask to be shown some of the effects that can be expected from the equipment he is going to use at your wedding then you get to choose just exactly what you want.

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A word of warning there is always one prankster in the background of a wedding photograph, will it be you. Be prepared and Smile even when your eating.

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