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Title: Top 11 Reasons to use article submission sites

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Why you should submit your original articles to article submission sites.

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1. Credibility. You wrote the article. You are the subject matter expert. This is especially when you submit a well-written article about a topic that you have a passion for.

2. Visitors. When you write an article, you also add a “resource” box with your name, a little bit about you, and a link to your web page. This will get your web site visibility all over the Internet.

3. Links. Having your web site listed, along with all of your articles, puts links on other related sites. When the search engine spiders crawl the Internet and find your link on other sites, it will smile and index your site quicker, make your site more popular in the search engines, and list your site more often in the various directories.

4. Visibility. Others will pick up your sites for their web sites, blogs and eZine. This will increase your site?s brand and give you a competitive edge.

5. Exposure. Many sites list the most current articles on their front page giving you ?front page? exposure.

6. Free Advertising. It doesn?t cost anything to post your articles. Your article could wind up on hundreds or thousands of web sites.

7. Money. If people like your work, you could get hired to write articles for others. Good writers are in huge demand.

8. eBooks. You could compile your related articles and put out an eBook ? either for free or charge for it. Adding your links to the eBook will provide additional advertising.

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9. Trust. Since you will recognized as the subject matter expert, it will be easy for you to market related products on your web site.

10. eZines. You could contact other eZine publishers and do an article exchange. This will give you guaranteed visibility in another?s eZine giving you more credibility and even more visibility.

11. Money. Along with possibly getting paid for writing articles for others, you can make money by having fresh content on your web pages incorporated with an advertising system like Google?s AdSense.

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