Title: What are your Abilities?

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Psychologists state that abilities f a person depend on the development of one of the cerebral hemispheres. This article gives a brief description of the theory and proposes to find out your skills and abilities.

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For every individual some moment comes when it seems logical to ask if that is what they want to do till the rest of their days. Indeed, according to the statistics, 25% of those involved in various industries have no interest in what they manufacture or produce or sell. The truth is that no one will be successful in the field where he or she has no interest. This can also bring a person into a state of depression and keep her down till he or she resigns. When you start regressing and loosing interest towards your job, it?s high time to start thinking about changing qualifications and searching for other job.

What are the ways to determine your possibilities and abilities? First of all, listen to your calling. What was your sacred desire when you were a high-school student? Even if the realization of the idea is not possible, still there are relevant ways to become closer to the sphere of your dreams. You can also turn to an agency and specialists will help you to determine the field you should work at. There is a great number of tests that can determine your abilities that lye whether in analytical sphere or in creative direction. Even if you do not wish to visit the agency, you may find the answers yourself. First of all, you have to feel well and see things clearly. Maybe the time to make the final step has come and you indeed quit your job. You may feel light, but usually people feel lost and discoursed. Therefore you may want to dedicate a week to regaining strength and fresh mind. Having some privacy, you might see clearer what you may do next. Put the material issue aside, though it may seem hard. Exactly the material issue makes people change their plans in favor of good salary but not happiness. Think about what brings you pleasure, delight, gives feeling of happiness. The first steps may be difficult but success will follow if you try hard enough.

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The main motivator should be your desire, the calling of your heart, but not the opinion of your parents, friends, teachers and other people that may influence on your decision. You are aware that not all dreams are realized but maybe there is a chance for you to develop business that will bring you pleasure instead of going to work that you hate and do not want to grow skills anymore. You may be good in writing speeches or repairing TV sets, every profession is extremely useful. Whatever you choose, your choice will be right if you follow your desire.

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