Title: What The Heck Is Bubble And Squeak?

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Ever order a full English breakfast and wonder what was on the plate?

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I am a frequent visitor to Thailand and love to go to Pattaya. I usually like to eat a big breakfast, skip lunch and then go out for some Thai food for dinner.

I discovered a very nice British pub called the Sportsman on Soi 13 in Pattaya and immediately liked the atmosphere. With big screen TVs, a pool table and a great d?cor, I found this air-conditioned pub a great place to go for breakfast.

The problem I had was with the menu. Being from the United States, I had no idea what a full English breakfast was.

But, I was hungry, and it was at the top of the menu and was the most expensive item, so I figured it was the biggest. It was still a bargain at about 240 Baht ? at least I thought it was.

Six dollars for breakfast at the exchange rate of the time seemed to be a decent price. Considering that it was a very nice place, with A/C and the BBC on TV.

So, I order the full English breakfast not really reading what comes with the meal. I am, however, pleasantly surprised with the platter of food I am presented.

I get bacon and eggs, toast, juice and coffee, sausage, beans and hash browns. At least I though they were hash browns. There were also fried tomatoes, but I am not a big tomato fan, so I declined.

I grabbed the menu to see what was listed because the hash browns were not exactly what I was used to. The menu said everything as listed above, but no hash browns were part of the full English breakfast.

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There was something called bubble and squeak. I had absolutely no idea what that was. But I was bound and determined to find out what it was that I had eaten and had actually tasted pretty good.

I did some research on the Internet and found out that bubble and squeak was very similar to hash browns. I had the potato part right but I had no idea what else was in there. Research showed me that the rest was vegetables ? mainly cabbage, carrots and peas.

I am not a big fan of veggies, but all of this mixed together tasted yummy. The platter was huge and the food was very tasty.

So, even if you aren?t a Brit, stop by one of the many British pubs in Pattaya and check out the full English breakfast. It will definitely fill you up and have your bubbling and squeaking.

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