Title: Why do play dirty?

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This article explains the human nature when it comes to survival in the society and different matters that one has to deal with while working in a team or alone. What is the reason for humans to play unfair and use different ways to escape from problems?

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There are a lot of things nowadays that we don?t really want to talk about. These are everyday things that we do and don?t even think about what we are doing exactly. We get so focused on our everyday routine that it never occurs to us how dirty we sometimes play. Society has always been competitive, but today life is perhaps more competitive than in any previous era. Since childhood children are taught how to show that they are the best, the strongest, the smartest the very best. This is where from competition starts. And we continue to compete against each other every hour to prove somebody something that we really don?t have to prove. People are used to think that their lives, possessions, belongings are the best, the biggest the most attractive. That keeps us wanting for more and we never stop thinking that it will be enough for us to be satisfied. But no, we continue to jump higher than our heads and push ourselves to that point when it doesn?t matter how fair you play, you just play to get whatever you need. Why is this happening? We swear that we have overcame that animal instinct in us and are now to call ourselves very civilized and very educated. But never the less we continue to get our teeth into each other?s necks and rip muscles apart. I guess, there is nothing that can be really done to those instincts that we were born with. It?s true if to speak about any person. Race, financial, or social status doesn?t matter. When we are accused of playing dirty, everybody tries to prove the jury wrong even if jury is them. A human being is a unique personality that has never been before and will never again exists. It is a matter of time when he discovers that he also possesses that curse of the humans that and can not be a master of it. Every day one gets up, takes whatever needed and goes out into the open.

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No matter what is one occupied with, what is essential for him, he follows his instinct not thinking about what it may turn into. Psychologists get deep into their researched topics and field to find the answer to the question why people are likely to cheat, lie and fight in difficult situations. Human nature will be the answer. Since kinder garden we are taught how to differentiate between good and evil. Loyal teachers read a lot of books and teach how to be a good citizen but, going out of the building start a new line of the day, which is full of that dirt that is considered a taboo for children. At school they make up different essay topics to be sure those children are aware of how to behave properly. The main essay topic is ?Love and Peace on Earth?. With some corrections of course but the aim is one and only, to show how we are to behave in society. But when school and essays are over, young generation forgets about the moral aspect of life and plays the same dirty game that their ancestors had played hundreds of years before.

Everybody knows the decipher of the famous ?SOS?. Save our souls, it says and that means do everything you have to do but save the mind and body you possess. So that is exactly what we are doing, going up using other people?s heads as the ladder. No one can say why it is so important for us to be on top. Is it the basic instinct of survival, or is it just the desire to satisfy inner ego and let others down by own example. We try to keep to the positive, but it is impossible to do under the constant influence of others pushing you to the middle of nowhere, teaching you the laws of survival that you have to accept, and knowing that you have no choice but to go with it. No one is to blame for the destructive attitude that we possess during doing business. But there is always hope for us to get better and correct mistakes. Human conscience is another curse of ours that makes us rewind all we?ve done during the day and let the bad go. It is quite natural that humans should look for a positive result in everything they do, even if it is created with wrong attitude. We?ll continue to play dirty and be competitive. But now we at least think before playing dirty and every time we hit under the belt, our conscience gives a powerful blow to our brain to remind that there is always a control freak inside that will never drop the smallest fault of yours. And that?s how we live, in an eternal struggle between angels and demons of human soul.

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