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Yacht the Noun and the Verb

A yacht is a thing right? If you put the question to the man on the street, he would tell you a yacht is a large luxurious boat. And that definition would not be far off. But there is more to be known here because there is also such a thing as “to yacht” which is a verb and “yachting” which we have to add to our picture. So to really understand this fascinating side of boating, we have to understand yacht as both the noun and the verb.

It’s not too big a stretch to say that going yachting means you are going to be on the water and probably on the ocean. Most yachts do not operate on lakes and certainly not in rivers or ponds so by definition yachting is an ocean going recreational activity. But within that broad definition, “yachting” can mean different things for a wide number of yachters who all are using that luxurious boat to achieve an ultimate in recreational experience on the water.

For one yachter, yachting means very carefully building a sleek and fast yacht to compete in the best of yachting races such as the world famous Americas Cup. This kind of competition is fulfilling because while only a select group could ever hope to win the competition, just being able to race in such a prestigious yacht competition is itself the realization of a dream. But yacht racing is more than just the top level races that get the press. Yachting lovers who devote themselves to speed yachting can get together and have the fun of local and regional races that also afford the opportunity for a huge party afterward to celebrate the winners and all who raced as well.

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Another breed of yachter might carefully customize his yacht to be a well oiled fishing machine that is as much the part of landing the big one as the rod and the reel. Just as the chair a deep sea fisherman uses must be sturdy and built for the battle, the yacht itself can contribute to the hunt and can be credited for the outcome if the fisherman is victorious over the wild prey in the seas he wishes to land. So using the yacht as a high adventure fishing boat lets you go after the finest of fishing experiences and join in on yacht fishing competitions which themselves are tremendous fun whether you win or lose.

For another yachting is all about the perfect environment to throw a wild party that has no constraints except perhaps for safety (and then not very many constraints either). You can only imagine the levels of revelry some of these yacht parties can get to but because they are happening on a boat with a sober captain (hopefully) and cabins for celebrants to recover in, it can be the party of a lifetime and everyone can eventually get back in good health and back to their normal lives with the break of an evening of excess to break up the humdrum of life.

For others the idea of “going yachting” is about elegance and luxury supreme. And that level of yachting is certainly available to those with the means so you can supply your yacht with literally every luxury and indulgency you or your guests could imagine. The yachting adventure can take you to the most exotic locales around the world such as the French Riviera or the Caribbean and you can enjoy it all with a full crew on board to cater to your every whim and will. You literally can live like royalty on your yacht for the days or weeks you are on vacation or holiday and come home with a refreshed viewpoint on life and a realization that you experienced some of life’s finest pleasures.

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The world of yachting is full of variety and excitement of many kinds. Just about any adventure you can have on the high seas can be enjoyed from the deck of your own yacht. And you may even have your own definition of what “yachting” really is. If so it?s a valid definition if it enables you to enjoy the wonderful resources made available aboard a yacht far out to sea.


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